Market potential analysis for the client and represent them in market

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About Client

The client is one of Europe’s most innovative family-owned construction firms. The company was founded over 150 years ago and has more than 8,400 employees. The company is inventing the future by providing solutions to widespread global challenges such as urbanisation. They search, monitor and analyse global megatrends and ground-breaking technologies and develop new, potentially disruptive business models.
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We were mandated to structure, prepare and carry out the client’s market entry. The inital objective was to evaluate the market potential before market entry strategies could be developed. Provided the market potential is positive the aim of the client was to physically enter the market and build up a local presence.

Our approach

We kicked off our engagement by conducting an in-depth market study to uncover the company’s market potential in the East Africa region. Quantitative and qualitative research methods were applied and the market was sized based on various key factors. This study resulted in the development of a range of entry scenarios for the client. Our entry scenarios simulated various business cases which we openly discussed with the client. Eventually the client decided to enter the market via our in-market representation service.  
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The client received in-depth market intelligence which demonstrated the client’s sales potential based on the extensive empirical data collected. We provided access to key contacts in government and private sector and developed a growth strategy for the region. The client was advised on market entry scenarios and supported in making the actual entry. At this current moment we are the authorized sales representation in East Africa.