Would you like to meet with German companies to scale your service and product offering in South Africa?

​You are cordially invited to meet with innovative German companies from a range of sectors and equip your business with world-class products and technical know-how
To meet with any of the German companies, either in Johannesburg or Durban, check the company profile and fill the request form to schedule the meeting in your area of choice. Once we receive your request we will communicate the confirmation and time slot for your meeting.

1. Kueckens AERO Engineering GmbH - www.kueckens-aero.de

2. MHG Maschinenfrabrik GmbH - www.mhg-hombak.com

3. Rhenecoll-Werk eK Beschichtung und Klebstoffe - www.rhenocoll.de

4. ARCAN GmbH Waterproof - www.arcan-waterproofing.com

5. BIORON Diagnostics - www.bioron.de

6. BORAL GmbH repped by Trading Concepts - www.boral-gmbh.com

7. IMC Systems GmbH - www.imc-systems.de

Johannesburg – 25th- 26th October
Durban – 28th October

This engagement is hosted by The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture in Germany and AMENA Africa Ltd.

For more information, email b2b-germany@amena-africa.com