Advising the client on a viable growth model for the Nigerian market

Client's industry

Industrial cooling

Project duration

4 months

About Client

The client is a world market leader in manufacturing refrigeration and air conditioning technology with over 3,500 employees worldwide.

You can’t see their products anywhere, but you can feel them everywhere. Refrigeration and air conditioning technologies are key elements of our world, and the client has contributed to this ecosystem with innovative products and services for the last 86 years.

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cooling systems


The client was faced with the challenge of an underperforming market. Nigeria is one of the world’s most underserved markets when it comes to implementation of cooling systems. This creates a tremendous market opportunity as the country faces high temperatures throughout the year. The client was aware of this opportunity and established in-market structures. However, the market did not react the way they anticipated. Hence, AMENA Africa was contracted to support them in developing strong operational structures. 

Our approach

In order to fully understand the client’s key challenges, we conducted an in-depth assessment of the client’s operational and strategic market setup. This included the assessment of current operational procedures, decision making processes, logistical practices as well as the local market setup.

A market potential and market structure analysis were conducted to support the development of the client’s market strategy.

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The client received an in-depth market analysis and recommendations on their market strategy. Based on our findings and recommendations the client was able to take fact-based decisions in restructuring their Nigeria operations. Changes to their market model, adjustments to their local sales approach and an enhanced understanding of the local market opportunity resulted in an increase in sales of more than 120% within the first year after our consultation.