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Welcome to AMENA AFRICA Limited, a forefront pan-African market advisory firm. Our team plays a pivotal role in supporting clients throughout their expansion journey, from the inception of plans to market entry and beyond. Operating at the dynamic intersection of industry and government, we bring a practical focus to business opportunities, rooted in our unwavering belief in local solutions for local challenges. With a hands-on approach executed on the ground across our four strategic locations, we leverage extensive networks and deep knowledge to drive success.

Holger Vogt

Managing Director

“Many people talk about Africa’s potential, not many know about the true scale and even less know how to tap into it; this is why we founded AMENA Africa”

Prof. Dr. Eyden Samunderu

Managing Partner - Aviation

“Delivering innovative and 'bespoke solutions' to the African aviation sector is my passion. Providing 'home-grown' solutions to Africa's biggest challenges is what we do at AMENA”

Joyce Apoera, MBA

Regional Manager - West Africa

“Become the next business success story on how to make it in Africa. Let Ghana become your gateway to navigate the African market with AMENA Africa's bespoke solutions!''

Okiemute David Sagua

Country Manager - Nigeria

''Over the past decade, six of the world’s ten fastest-growing countries were in Africa. With a population of over 1bn – Africa has consumers who are more prosperous today than ever. Doing business in Africa can be challenging, but the significant gains fall on those willing to commit and adapt to the rapidly changing business environment''

Catherine Kittony

Senior Consultant

''The greatest contribution to Africa's development is through driving business to, and within the continent''

Brian Kagondu, C.Eng.

Associate Consultant - Construction

''If we all just talk about what is possible, we will never change. Africa is my home continent, I want to change the way the continent is perceived in the world''

Adeyemi Hassan, MBA

Senior Consultant

"Africa is the world's vista because of its fast-growing economies, youthful population, talents, cultures, tourisms, and diversities. Africa will continue to be a goldmine for new businesses because of its resources, and it is the springboard for new billionaires"

Anton Bondarew

Project Consultant - Trade Delegations

“Africa is a continent that always fascinated me. Supporting international firms to do business in African markets through the participation in trade delegations is my passion''

Samuel Tetteh Tei

Business Development Manager

''Africa is the world's next business frontier. With the world's largest free trade area and a 1.3billion-person market, the continent is replete with business opportunities. I am proud to be part of a team that proactively accelerates Africa's potential''

Kevin-Sila (1)

Kevin Sila

Digital Strategist

“The evolution of digital media content has revolutionized information sharing and access on the internet. Working at AMENA Africa has given me the opportunity to leverage the digital space in creating innovative digital content that touch on various sectors that we operate in Africa. "


Lebogang Mosia

Associate Consultant

''The best time to roll out your business in Africa was 5 years ago! The next best time is today! Tomorrow is simply too late, act now!''

Ayobami Fagbemi

Ayobami Fagbemi

Associate Consultant

"Embracing Africa's promise isn't just about recognizing its potential; it's about seizing the opportunities it presents. As Africa's economies soar and its population increases, the time is ripe for bold investment and strategic partnerships."


Peninah Kinyanjui

Executive Assistant

"Many people talk about Africa's potential, not many know about the true scale and even less know how to tap into it; this is why we founded AMENA Africa"

Dike Okechukwu

Dike Okechukwu

Junior Consultant

"I am very optimistic and enthusiastic about Africa and it's potential for exponential growth. There are alot of opportunities that can shape the future of the world, all it takes is proper strategic management, know the market and here at AMENA AFRICA we have you covered"

MicrosoftTeams-image (56)

Ephraim Owuor, MBA, FMVA.

Trainee Consultant

"Africa's rise is powered by strategic investments and astute advisory, shaping a future rich with opportunity and dynamic growth."

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