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Mozambique has been in the limelight and on the receiving end of significant international attention due to the large offshore gas discoveries made in recent years. The country is quickly becoming one of the main LNG hotspots across the continent and is poised to become a global gas exporter by 2023.  If you want to learn about the current developments ongoing in Mozambique, this report provides an overview on each of the various projects planned, their status and operators. Mozambique’s oil and gas sector is on the rise, don’t say we didn’t tell you.

In the last decade there has been a lot of focus on improving the rail links within East Africa to enhance trade, economic development and regional integration. There are almost 10 ongoing projects in the region, some of which have already been contracted out and others looking for financiers or constructors. Although Chinese firms have a major stake in this sector across the region, some countries are signalling a shift towards other forms of financing and procurement. Are you interested in understanding the current standing of the sector and exploring the opportunities it can present? Read on. 

The covid-19 pandemic has had a grave impact on most industries around the world and the cleaning industry in West Africa was not spared. In collaboration with the ISSA, the global cleaning association, members in Ghana and Nigeria were interviewed to understand the extent of the impact to their businesses. The respondents shed light on the initial and ongoing changes made to handle the lockdowns, the current outlook of the industry and their thoughts on the lasting effects the pandemic will have on their businesses and the industry at large. Have a read here on the main takeaways from the research then contact ISSA for access to the full report.

Ever wondered how to go about finding a distributor for your product in Africa? Based on our long lasting experience we broke down the process into 5 steps for you to understand how it works. Each African market is different in its own way, however these steps account for these differences and will certainly get you moving in the right direction. Although there are differences in these markets that make each of them unique, there also exist standard procedures that can be applied in your search for a distributor. Have a read and discover the business efficacy of WhatsApp in Africa when carrying out such a search, and lot’s more.

The construction sector in Kenya is currently the 6th largest contributor to the East African nation’s GDP. Expected growth (CAGR 4.5%) within the sector makes Kenya the most attractive building construction destination in East Africa. The construction industry at large is a major contribution to GDP in Kenya and is a key stimulus for the country’s economic growth. This report explores the various sub-segments within the sector and analyses the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the country. In the view of moving forward, the report looks at innovative alternative building technologies being introduced into the sector.

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