Packaging Sector

What you need to know about the packaging sector in Africa

The African packaging market is expected to reach US$55bn before the year 2030. While most of the global packaging giants are already doing great business on the African continent, hardly meeting the local demand, others are still exploring entry routes. From healthcare, food & beverages, consumer goods, personal care & cosmetics to glass, plastic, paper, metal and other packaging solutions. African business owners by and large are seeking solutions to meet their local demands.

Over the years we have successfully executed several projects within the packaging, food-processing and plastic industry in a number of African markets.

To further serve our clients and to make our research more available to a wider audience we have partnered with the organizers of Propak, Africa’s leading exhibition & conference for the packaging, printing, food-processing and plastic industry.

As the official knowledge partner of Propak in Kenya, Ghana, South Africa & Nigeria we will offer invaluable market insights, enabling exhibitors and the wider industry to take fact-based decisions on their market entry on the continent.

The Africa-Packaging-Index is another addition to how our partnership aims to shed light on some of the industry’s most pressing questions.

Our market reports are frequently updated. Download your copy today. If you are in need of more bespoke research, please get in touch. We understand that our reports may require more in-depth knowledge to meet your specific needs.

Knowledge Partner


As knowledge partner we are responsible to regularly provide market intelligence on Propak’s key markets. Our annual reports showcase market trends, highlight opportunities and give you a good first understanding of the sector landscape in the respective markets.

We understand that our reports may require more in-depth knowledge to meet your specific needs. The reports are designed to provide a solid first understanding of the market. However, if you have specific questions or needs, we’d be happy to customize an offer for you.