Supplier and recycler of refrigerant gases

Service: Concierge Service

Location: Kenya 


Supporting the client’s market exploration of Kenya through end-to-end business trip handling

About Client

The client is the world leader in the supply and lifecycle management of refrigerants and associated products and services. For 30 years, through their first-class recovery, reclamation, and repurposing processes, they have been capturing refrigerant gas for future re-use or safe destruction, preventing its harmful release into the atmosphere. The client is a market leader in fire protection and carbon offsets and their rapid recovery network scans the globe. Their products and services help their customers worldwide to move to more environmentally friendly products and processes.

Client's industry

Gases and refrigerants 

Project duration

2 months 


The objective of our concierge services was to streamline our client’s market exploration visit to Nairobi, Kenya. We aimed to leverage our local expertise to save them time and ensure a productive trip. This involved understanding their business goals, identifying relevant meetings with potential partners, investors, or customers, and arranging logistics like transportation and accommodations. By providing these personalized services, we sought to maximize the value of their visit and expedite their Kenyan market entry process.

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Our approach

To expedite our client’s successful Nairobi market exploration, we tailored a program. Prior consultations pinpointed their goals, and we secured meetings with key players – potential partners, investors, or customers. Our local knowledge ensured efficient logistics (transport, accommodation) for a smooth, productive visit.


Our tailored concierge services transformed our client's Nairobi market exploration into a resounding success. Through in-depth consultations, we identified key players – potential partners, investors, or customers – and secured high-impact meetings. Leveraging our local expertise, we facilitated seamless airport transfers, in-city transportation to meetings, and secured comfortable accommodation at excellent rates. This comprehensive approach maximized their time, fostered valuable connections, and expedited their Kenyan market entry.