Machinery manufacturer

Service: Distributor Search 

Location: Kenya and Ghana 


Assessing suitable full-scope distribution partners for the client in Kenya and Ghana

About Client

The client is the world’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic lifting solutions. They have always had an eye on innovations and offer more than just lifting solutions. Their offering includes an outstanding mounting competence which ensures their products and the vehicles become one unit to reach the optimum performance. The client offers the most economical, reliable and innovative lifting solutions in a global network of professional service partners – for the lifetime of the product.

Client's industry


Project duration

2 months 


The primary objective of our distributor search project was to identify and secure ideal full-scope partners (sales and after-sales) for our client in Kenya and Ghana. This involved understanding the client’s product, target audience, and desired distribution channels across Africa. We aimed to find distributors with established networks, strong reputations, and proven success in aligning with brands akin to the clients’. Through this targeted search, we sought to optimize the client’s market reach and accelerate product sales throughout Africa.

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Our approach

We leveraged our pan-African network to map relevant distributors. Evaluating each against client needs (product, audience, channels), we prioritized those boasting strong reputations, established networks, and experience aligning with similar brands. This ensured a targeted selection for optimal market reach and sales acceleration. 


Our targeted search identified two perfect distributor fits – one Kenyan and one Ghanaian – aligning with the client's product and target audience. We facilitated introductions, sparking successful negotiations that led to long-term partnerships. These thriving distributors continue to significantly boost the client's sales and brand presence across these key Kenyan and Ghanaian markets.