A French company producing processed vegetables

Service: Payroll services 

Location: Kenya


Providing payroll services and support to the company’s employees based in Kenya

About Client

For the client, inspiring the transition toward a plant-based diet to contribute to people’s well-being and planet health means being an agro-industrial player with a positive impact on its ecosystem. They are a French family-owned company with 12,100 employees and have been innovating with their farming partners since 1853. Their plant-rich food products are grown on 70,000 hectares and marketed in 100 countries, with revenues of €2,203 M. 

Client's industry


Project duration

1 year


Our objective in providing payroll services for the client was to streamline their African operations by optimizing payroll management. This involved addressing the challenges they faced with navigating complex regulations across various countries. We aimed to ensure timely and accurate employee payments while maintaining strict compliance with local tax laws. Ultimately, we sought to alleviate the administrative burden on the client’s HR team, freeing them to focus on core strategic initiatives

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Our approach

To optimize the client’s payroll across Africa, we implemented a comprehensive approach. We handled all aspects, including salary calculations, deductions, and tax remittances, ensuring compliance with local regulations in each country. This freed up their HR team by taking over administrative tasks


Our payroll solution streamlined the client’s African operations. We handled everything from calculations to tax remittances, ensuring compliance across the continent. This freed up their HR team's time and minimized the risk of errors and penalties. By guaranteeing timely and accurate payments, we boosted employee satisfaction and potentially reduced the client's payroll processing costs.