Market entry and growth strategy

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Market entry &
growth strategy

Sizing market opportunity

Operational market assessment

Strategy development

Business development & Sales support

Establishing sales channels

In-market representation


Business Delegations
B2B matchmaking
Programme handling
Market & sector research

Local data sourcing

Sector expert interviews

Sector mapping

Market advisory

Performance analysis

Industry benchmarking

Feasibility studies

Concierge services

Identification of local partners

Business trip support

Company establishment

Our approach to your successful market entry

Step by step - one market at a time

man wearing suit presenting graph
Initial contact
One of our consultants will discuss your project plans with you

Scoping project

Assessing your needs and collaboratively develop your project scope

Tailored offer
Formulating a competitive offer based on the project scope

Project kick-off

Affirming understanding of client’s mandate in preparation for project execution

Project execution
Pursuing client’s mandate based on the project scope

Project review
Consistently updating client on project progress

Key market insights

If you are certain you want to expand your business...

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